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security frequently asked questions

• What is the difference between your system and the 3000 other alarm companies in North America?
• My alarm company also sends in the police when necessary. What makes Sonitrol any different?
• Doesn't every company get false alarms?
• Why do the police respond to Sonitrol alarm calls more quickly?
• Is the Sonitrol system more expensive?
• What type of criminal commits most of the crime?
• Do they get away from Sonitrol protected facilities as well?

What Is The Difference Between Your System And The 3000 Other Alarm Companies In North America?
The truth is there is no similarity! We provide verified audio and video monitoring programs that allow our operators to actually hear and see what is going on in your business before the criminals actually gain entry. We verify the source of the alarm and either reset it or send in the police. The other companies rely on a system of door contacts, motion sensors, and other easily compromised technology that have a 98% false alarm rate.
My Alarm Company Also Sends In The Police When Necessary. What Makes Sonitrol Any Different?
Your alarm company detects an intrusion after the criminals are already inside your premises, if at all. They then look at a little red light - and the operator who may be monitoring as many as 15,000 systems simultaneously then calls your business to see if anyone will answer the phone. Most criminals don't pick up your phone. The monitoring station then begins phoning the call list to ask you what you think they should do next. At this point you must decide if you want to risk the 'False Alarm' fine, or drive down to the store/warehouse in the wee hours to see if the bad guys are still there, or were ever there. If you do make the late night drive with your kid's baseball bat, it will probably be 30-60 minutes later and you will still likely beat the police. Sonitrol makes that security decision for you based on us listening to what is going on inside your facility - and our average response time with police cars to the door in North America is 3.5 minutes. Since 1977, with our Police partnership we have assisted the Police with the capture of over 164,000 apprehensions and counting.
Doesn't Every Company Get False Alarms?
Yes - chances are if they never record a false alarm they don't work - period! Sonitrol has a less than 3% false alarm record. Conventional alarms have a greater than 97% false alarm rate. We think ours is better.
Why Do The Police Respond To Sonitrol Alarm Calls More Quickly?
Because we only use verified technologies we are rated a Priority 1 dispatch. Conventional alarms which have a 97% false alarm record are usually a Priority 8 response. Sonitrol systems are regarded by law enforcement as witnessed events because we can provide police with verified intelligent information. Our technology makes it safer for our clients, and also for law enforcement personnel.
Is The Sonitrol System More Expensive?
The average residential or small business system is virtually free based on a minimum monitoring contract. We call them front door - back door - glass breaks. If they are free, you usually get exactly what you pay for. The commercial clients we service may pay a small surcharge for our system simply because this kind of technology works. We win 90% of 'tendered' contracts, so we are priced competitive.
What Type Of Criminal Commits Most Of The Crime?
Criminal activity is committed by only 4% of the criminals - the real pros. Someone smashing your window and grabbing something near the door may be a 'crack head' but the real damage is done by folks who blend right in with the general public and are rarely caught. They are professional, and look just like you or me. They appear as courier drivers, salesmen, and janitors. They are criminally educated, and they usually get away.
Do They Get Away From Sonitrol Protected Facilities As Well?
The simple truth is that they usually avoid Sonitrol facilities. These guys always go for the 'low hanging fruit' and that means that everyone else with traditional door contact motion sensor systems is a more attractive target! Sonitrol is not a favorite name in federal penal institutions.