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Fort Lauderdale Sonitrol Apprehension!

Pawn Shop Audio/Video Leads to 4 Arrests - April '07

FOX News Orlando Broadcast

Orlando authorities able to catch vandals in the act through Sonitrol detection.

Shoe Store Robbers

Another Sonitrol audio-detected crime stopped from going any further!

Canada Verified News Broadcast

Canadian news broadcast showcasing Sonitrol's verified audio reputation with police enforcement agencies.

Warehouse Burglary

Warehouse installation of Sonitrol audio detection system helps to stop a wave of break-ins at this location.

School Break-In, ABC, Orlando

Sonitrol system detects sound of breaking glass to help apprehend suspects.

FOX News Broadcast, Memphis

Business break-in's on Memphis Tennessee news broadcast.

Sonitrol on COPS

Sonitrol alarm system effectively detecting a break-in, and leading to the apprehension of the suspects.

CBS : Safe Schools, Fort Worth Texas

A Sonitrol system being used to spearhead a new security approach in a Fort Worth Texas school.

FOX Florida School Vandalism

Sonitrol audio detection implemented in Florida schools to help deter vandals.

Credit Union Break In

Sonitrol Bakersfield helps police respond quickly & effectively during a hold-up.

We Catch Bad Guys!

Sonitrol of SW Ohio is there when you can't buy, trusted security since 1963

Live Break-In!

Watch a thief break into this equipment storage area!

Service Station Hold-Up

Watch a hold up at a local service station


Watch a smash and grab at a convenience

Even Police Dispatchers Know Sonitrol!

The Sonitrol name recognized and trusted during a real burglary call from our Sonitrol monitoring station.